Hi! I'm Amanda

I help female athletes
with gut issues heal

…so she can get back in the game

Maybe you know a female athlete, who is a go-getter, who throws herself into her sport. Oftentimes, as soon as she reaches her peak, her digestion gets messed up. 

Cramping belly pain limits her ability to perform, messes up her academics, and can leave her depressed and lost.  

To make it worse, doctors and trainers might tell her it’s all in her head, or just want to permanently medicate her so she pushes past the pain to make wins for them.  As you can imagine, this story does not end well for her.

Well, I’m a professional coach of female athletes for over 20 years, a former NCAA Division I and Division II college athlete, and also a gifted medical intuitive.  


Due to my own similar journey with gut troubles as a winning athlete, I’ve developed a system called Heal to Grow.  I can scan her body to see what’s wrong, clarify it for her, map the path forward, and land her back in her best condition, back in her happy life, back in the game.

Heal the Body

Through the Mind

With Spirit


The Heal to Grow System

I use the Heal to Grow System to help my clients heal completely from her gut issues, no matter the diagnosis. 


This 4-phase system has been proven again and again to help her better understand what’s happening in her body AND get her back to playing the sport she loves. 


To completely heal, the Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit must be addressed. If any are left behind, the odds of a relapse are much greater.

What past clients have said...

about their experience working with me


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